It was after the storm had wreaked its havoc across the south. Hurricane Katrina left thousands dead or homeless. The US National Guard sent units in to help the slow recovery. Most of the affected areas were without food, water, or power for months. The New Emperor saw the chaos and knew instantly how to begin to solve the issues. The old country had a problem with Unity. The Union, the United States weren't united in the least. In fighting by political parties on all sides overshadowed the recovery efforts. 

So, following in the footsteps of the self-proclaimed First Emperor of the United States, Joshua Abraham Norton, known as "Norton I", "Emperor of the United States", and "Protector of Mexico"; our beloved Emperor proclaimed himself to be "Robert I", the New Emperor of the United States, Protector of Canada and Mexico. The old federal republic was forthwith dissolved and the New Imperium of America was formed, with the official date of formation being January 8, 2006.

January 8th is the official Independence Day of our great Imperium. Not only is it the remembrance day of the death of Norton I, but it is also the true date of the final battle for Independence of the United States. For it was on that date in 1815, General Andrew Jackson fought the British, our first enemy, for the final time and won! The Battle of New Orleans finally made the British realize that the United States was no longer made up of her colonies, but was indeed a free and independent nation. The 8th of January, 1983 was also a red-letter day in His Imperial Highness's life. On that day, he sealed the bonds of Holy Matrimony with our current Empress Tracy.